Happy National Data Privacy Day

Five Tips for Securing Your Information in 2017 

Looking for an excuse to break that New Year’s resolution? Cue National Pie Day. How about a reason to wear that Darth Vador tie to the office? Cue National Star Wars Day. National days exist for nearly everything. In honor of National Data Privacy Day held this Saturday, January 28th, BNC Bank is providing five tips to help secure your information and protect your privacy while banking. 

Enroll in safety features

BNC offers several monitoring features to help manage your accounts and protect your information. Enrolling in these extra features adds an extra layer of protection. 

  • Text alerts for debit card activity
  • e-Statements through e-Delivery
  • Activity alerts through Online Banking
  • IBM Trusteer Rapport

Create strong passwords

Start off strong with a password that is difficult for others to learn. Use the following guidelines when creating a password. 

  • Create passwords that are memorable to you
  • Create complex passwords difficult to figure out
  • Do not write passwords down
  • Avoid obvious passwords or PINS such as your zip code or year of birth
  • Never use personal information as a password, such as your social security number
  • Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters
  • Create difficult passwords for each online account
  • Do not share your account and login information such as user names, passwords or PINS with anyone
  • Always log off when you are finished with a site, especially on a public computer

Stay current

By keeping your computer’s operating system, browser and virus protection current you are able to keep a first line of defense strong. Additionally, utilizing tools like firewalls and automatic software updates can aid in your defense.

Secure your network

Your home or office internet network needs to be password protected. This keeps people from slowing down your internet and from others hacking into your network.

Send secure confidential emails

If you need to get in touch with BNC Bank regarding your accounts, use our secure confidential email through BNC Online Banking.