Customer Logins

We've gathered frequent logins for products and services we offer all in one spot for your convenience.

Elan Financial Services

If you own a credit card through Elan Financial Services, manage your account here. Learn more about Credit Cards .

Remote Deposit Capture

Easily deposit checks from your business without going to the bank. Learn more about Remote Deposit Capture


Automatically send returning NSF checks to Re$ubmit-It ®, where eligible checks are converted into electronic items and presented to the check writer's account. Learn more about Re$ubmit-It .

Electronic Lockbox with e-Remit

Electronic Lockbox allows customers to receive online bill payments as an electronic item instead of paper checks. Learn more about Lockbox Services .


Utilize BNC’s Lockbox service for your retail or wholesale payment processing. With our Lockbox service, you can streamline paper-based receivables with faster, more effective image capture technology. Learn more about Lockbox Services .

Retirement Point

Retirement Point is BNC Trust & Wealth Management's retirement product for employers and their employees. Learn more about BNC Trust & Wealth Management.


Manage your BNC Trust & Wealth Management accounts. Learn more about BNC Trust & Wealth Management.