Our History

From the very beginning, there were challenges for us to overcome. The early 90s were a difficult time to open a Bank, as there was an economic recession, a Savings and Loan crisis, and obtaining regulatory approval and selling necessary shares of stock to open the Bank proved to be difficult. However, we moved forward.

Five Steering Committee Members (Groome Fulton, Bob Burleson, Lenny Peters, Lloyd Higgins, and Carl Hoffman), who were later named members of the Board, were determined to open the Bank, and they increased their own personal investments so the Bank could open. Dr. Peters continues to serve on the Board; Mr. Fulton, Dr. Higgins, Bob Burleson and Dr. Hoffman have since retired from the Board.

We opened on December 3, 1991. Swope Montgomery, founding President & CEO greeted the first customers, along with our first employees—Rick Callicutt, Bonnie Murdock, Dixie McAdams, Janie Kennedy, Renee Murdock, and Ann Walker. They developed a great sense of teamwork as they offered bank products and services from a double wide trailer, while the first branch was under construction in Thomasville, North Carolina.

In the fall of 1992, we moved into the first branch, and over the next few years built additional branches in nearby communities of Archdale and Lexington.

In 2001, we made our first acquisition with Independence Bank, which provided us branches in both Kernersville and Oak Ridge. Several years later, in 2006, we entered the Greensboro community through the acquisition of Sterling South Financial.

Branches were built in various communities over the next several years, and the Bank continued to grow. In 2010, we entered into the South Carolina market with the acquisition of Beach First National Bank.

We became known as the buyer of choice, as the next few years brought additional acquisitions. From Regents Bank and Blue Ridge Savings and Trust in 2011; KeySource, Gateway, Carolina Federal, and First Trust Bank in 2012; Randolph Bank & Trust in 2013; Home Savings Bank, Harrington National Bank, and Harbor Bank in 2014; Valley Bank and Certus Bank in 2015; to Southcoast Financial Corporation and High Point Bank & Trust Company in 2016. In North Carolina, the offices operated under the branding of Bank of North Carolina, while in South Carolina and Virginia, it was known as BNC Bank.

After more than 40 years in the financial industry, Swope Montgomery retired, and Richard D. Callicutt II was named President & Chief Executive Officer of both Bank of North Carolina and BNC Bancorp in June 2013. Rick had been the driving force behind our daily banking operations and expansion efforts, and he was well positioned to continue to build on these recent growth initiatives.

Much has changed since we opened in December 1991; however, the commitment has stayed the same. Offer the best products and services for the communities served, while hiring and retaining the best employees.

While there is pride in the past, we look forward to the future.

Our Culture

Delivering more than you expect is more than our tagline.

It is our company's DNA and reason for being.

It’s the why. It’s our purpose . It’s what we believe .

It’s a simple philosophy that guides the structure and alignment of our organization. Through the commitment and dedication of our employees, we strive to Deliver More to one another, to our customers, and to the community each and every day. It’s important to understand how each one of us can deliver more than expected by embodying our core values; we do this by creating a special experience, providing appropriate solutions, and adding value to our teams. This truly creates brand pride and a place people want to be.

You deserve the best banking experience possible, and we’re here to deliver.