Information Reporting & Account Structure

Access your account information when you need it while being assured your accounts are structured to insure an optimum benefit.

Important information about your business’ financial position is available to you at a moment’s notice through BNC Online Banking. This allows you to make informed management decisions from the comfort of your office or wherever you find yourself during your day.

Account structure is a very important part of a business banking relationship. Your BNC Bank Treasury team will consult with you to make sure your accounts are working for you and structured properly.

Information Reporting & Account Structure includes:

BNC Online Banking

Online Banking is a convenient way to manage your accounts on your schedule. 

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Stop keeping track of your paper bank statements each month.

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Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) allows you to move excess balances into a single account, or control the disbursement of funds from a central pool.

Credit Line Sweep

Our Credit Line Sweep automatically links your deposit account to your business’s revolving line of credit. At the end of each day, deficit funds can be drawn from your company’s line of credit. Conversely, if there are excess funds, the line of credit will be paid down.