Fraud Prevention

You work hard for your money and your money is something that we can help secure.

We have information and tools that help detect and combat paper and electronic fraud. Not only do these tools protect you and your money, but they are designed to be user friendly.

Fraud Prevention includes:

Positive Pay

Positive Pay helps you to broaden and extend your fraud control measures by matching issued check information against the same check data as items are presented for payment. Check exceptions are reported to your business and you are given the opportunity to approve or return.

ACH Debit Block Filtering

ACH Debit Block Filtering protects your accounts from unauthorized electronic debits. You have the ability to allow authorized payments and block other transactions that are not approved. This extra layer of security can save you from potential losses.

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ACH Transactions

Reducing the number of checks your company issues can significantly decrease the risk of fraud.

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport is an advanced security software that assists with protecting your online banking credentials and communication with the bank. It’s an additional layer of security that works with your antivirus software to block malicious attempts to compromise your bank accounts.

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Secure Email Notifications

Through Business Online Banking, email notifications are a tool to use so that you will always be aware of activity that is occurring on your accounts.

Enhanced Online Authentication

Use token technology to enhance the security reliability of your online banking platform.

Dual Control Options

Utilize dual control procedures with multiple users when sending payments online.

Criminals are increasingly targeting banking accounts. These account thefts are occurring not only through online vulnerabilities but also through the theft of banking account numbers and important information. Your BNC Bank Treasury Sales team can consult with you on suggestions for making sure your risk of potential fraud is low and the protection is in place to deter and mitigate the risk of account compromise.

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